The Maltas Omaheke Motivational Week Report

Day 1: Monday, 20 May 2013
Once again Maltas partakes on a great endeavor to the Kalahari.
We departed the UNAM campus at 18h00 heading towards Gobabis, aiming for West Nest Lodge which is 165km from Windhoek, where we arrived at 20h10. We were welcomed by the friendly staff of West Nest Lodge who had dinner ready for us and showed us to our rooms. Right after dinner we had our meeting whereby we discussed our plans for the next day’s mission.

Day 2: Tuesday, 21 May 2013
After a lovely night’ rest, at 06h00, we were woken up by the beautiful sounds of nature (the humming of birds and the fresh aroma of the nature’s scent). After preparing ourselves for the day, we went for breakfast at 07h00.

We departed at 08h00 from West Nest Lodge headed to our next destination, C. Heuva Junior Secondary School in Otjombinde Constituency, under the Omaheke Region. Our main aim was to deliver the books donated by our sponsor, NatureFriend Safaris, and also to impart the leaner’s with enthusiasm to maneuver in the direction of their dreams against all odds. On arrival, at 11h00, we received a warm welcome from the school board, the choir and also the learners. After the wonderful melodies of welcome were sang, the Principal gave the opening remarks about the school as well as the introduction of the School Board. Without wasting much time, Mr. David Tjivava, who was also a former learner of the school and a representative of NatureFriend Safaris donated textbooks to the School chairperson and making a remarkable quote “this is not a right, but a privilege”, he also went on to encourage the learners to make use of the material towards the realization of their dreams. Dr. April was then given the platform to briefly talk about Maltas and its various projects throughout the year. Shortly after the first motivational speech was made by the Maltas member Mike Mutseta followed by the Vice President Wanangwa Mhango and finally summarized by Tanaka Nhika who in conclusion talked about the use of the solar stove which was demonstrated in front of the school audience.

In closing the ceremony the school chairperson thanked the University of Namibia, NatureFriend Safaris and the Maltas club for taking their time and effort to visit the school and making a donation of the books and also for the motivational talks to the learners.

Day 3: Wednesday, 22 May 2013
The Final Chapter of the journey reached its end, as the Maltas club had one more attempt to inspire and motivate the vibrant learners of the Mokganedi Tlhabanello High School, situated 40km just outside Gobabis. At the break of dawn, we said farewell and parted our ways from the West Nest Lodge as we embarked on our journey to the School for the Motivational Talk. Upon arrival at the school, we were received with great gratitude by the Principal: Mr. Kavari and the staff members. Immediately we were taken to the dining hall for some coffee as we awaited the learners to arrive and assemble as it was still early around 07:20am. After our coffee we were ready to begin with the program.

As the school sirens rang, they learners started gathering and assembling in front of the staff room. Our program began with some songs by the school choir who later led us to sing the national anthem. Opening remarks were then made by the Principal. The Maltas Founder later followed with the first motivational speech for both the learners and the teachers. After it was Mr. David Tjivava and followed by our own MALTAS members, Mr. Mike Mutseta and Mr. Wanangwa Mhango. The proceedings went so smoothly and just according to the program and plan. Around 09:30 we were done addressing the entire learners of the school and soon after that we gathered the grade 10, 11 and 12’s to have a one on one with them. The one on one session was interesting as the learners asked the Maltas team so many interesting questions of which many where answered and they were so motivated and looked forward to being at the University of Namibia in the near future.

In conclusion Maltas gave away drinks, fruits and water to the learners for all their eager and participation during the motivational talk. This was a sincere donation that was made by the University of Namibia Dean of Students’ office.
Maltas stretches it arms out once again. We came.We saw. We conquered (Samuel Jackson)! We were on the road again at 10:45 making our way back to Windhoek as we had another engagement at 15h00.