florida gaingos and mate uiras of naturefriend safaris in front of our office with a happy peter kapula.

the naturefriend community trust has just donated a fridge and two gasbottles to peter kapula to start his own little meatselling business. he lives in an "illegal"settlement are without electricity. he has build himself a shebeen next to his house. a shebeen is like a local bar that sells liquour. but the government has gotten strict with illegal shebeens
and closed down all the shebeens that do not have a liqour liscence. peter closed his shebeen down before the police give him trouble.

as there is no electricity he intends to buy meat in bulk (whole kudu or oryx) and sell it off in little peaces. the next step is to produce small meals as well. so now his shop has become a "meat shebeen".

we know him as peter shoeshine as he does operate a little shoeshine place in the kalahari sands shopping centre. so whenever i met him (about once every other month or so) he used to ask me for a job. the last few times he has come with this idea of selling meat in his location.

so we looked at his setup and decided on a gas operated fride. he will continue to operate his shoeshine business during the day and has a lady manning hsi shebeen during the day. so he is working two jobs to pay the bills - a very energetic young man.

we have drwan up a basic agreement (you can view it) which stipulated the terms of repayment. we hope that the trust (and your contributions) can in future do more of these short term projects to help willing people to start a small business.

keeping our fingers crossed that peter does well. we wil visit his shop in a few weeks time and post some pictures.

best regards



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