How often do you sell the stoves (looking at the last 12 months)?

In the last twelve months, sales was not that good because I were struggling for raw materials especial the solid wood. I can only able to sell only eight stoves. I got the list of people who want to buy the stoves but I can not help myself to able to build more stoves at a time.  I tried to approach some of them to ask if they can pay half of the price beforehand but they refuse.  Some foreign individual promise to help but they never did up to now.  They ask me to write a proposal about the project, I do send the proposal and reply positive that I did the good job but still in vain.

How long does it take to get 1 stove ready?

I need at least two days

What sizes do you have?

Currently, I got only two sizes: Namely: Goat size- suitable for big family from 5 – 10 members and business wise.  Chicken size: suitable for small family up to 4members single, travelers  and experiments exercise. 

What type of tools do you use when building the stoves?

  • Circular saw or Table saw
  • Thickness planer
  • Drill machine preferable cordless
  • Jig saw
  • Sanding machine
  • Clamps
  • Try square
  • Drill and screws bits
  • Measurement tape
  • Hammer
  • File and Rasp

Do you have all equipment needed for building stoves?

No, I don’t.

Do you own all the tools you use?

No, below are the tools I still need: Circular saw, Thickness planer, Sanding machine, Long Clamps (like 1.5m length) And G-clamps

Where do you get your wood/material from?

Boards and accessories I bought them from local building suppliers (Build it).  Solid wood, from small business people in Rundu.  I decided not to buy from Windhoek because the Windhoek suppliers are also buying from Rundu.

How do you transport your wood/material?

Boards and accessories are delivered to my place by the suppliers locally on low cost than the taxi fares.  Solid wood sometimes the suppliers are delivering them but most of time by courier services.

Do you have 1 supplier or more for wood

At this moment I got several suppliers because I can not rely on one supplier, I am still figure out who can be my constant supplier depending on how they react on quality, time and quantity.

How long does it take to get the wood?

It takes too longer than I expect. It is even go for more than three months.  It is a matter of getting transport permit.

Do you use a special type of wood and why?

Yes, I am using Kiaat/Dorf/Mukwa wood because they are heat resistant.  They are also a local available.  I can not use other wood like pine which is a bit cheaper.

What is your cost for the material that you use on 1 stove? (Be specific If you can).

Goat size – 568.40N$
Chicken size – 408.00N$

Can you only build the stoves with wood?

Any other alternatives materials that can be used to build the stoves?  
Up to now only wood can be used.  I am busy trying to see if other materials like plastic can be used. I am already step ahead to get the first sample of that plastic bowl. The question here is: the means to go a head because no way I can buy less than 30 bowls.  Sunstove, a project in South Africa which also manufacturing the Sunstoves are already using similar plastic and it works well, only the way they fixed is not allowing this stove to finish the whole cooking.  Somebody worried about the poisonous or toxic that contained in the plastic if it can be passed to the food during the cooking process.  The right answer here is, plastic itself will not be a part of oven itself but the out cover only.

How important is the installation of the stove?

No, no, solar stove doesn’t need installation but insulation. The stoves required insulation to keep the heat within during the cooking, baking and roasting process.

Is it possible to build the stove out of recycled material if you get access to it?

Yes, it can if the recycling materials are suitable. But what kind of recycling materials are referring to?

How many employees do you have?

I got one full time employee and three part time employees.  I only hire them for a specific job and time.

Did you train your employees?

Yes, I am training them.  The full time one said she is not interested in knowing how to build solar stove but only baking, cooking and other related.  But I give her all rights once she feel like to do it. Others I train them building the whole stove and a bit on how to use the stoves.  What else do you thing I can train them?

Do you see a need for solar stoves in our country?

Yes, if most people start using solar stoves, we will save our environment, money and time. As we are leaving in the electricity crisis world, solar stove can release an expensive cooking burden.

What are your plans/dreams/vision looking ahead?

Planning to offer more solar devices like outdoor lantern lamps and employ all my part time employees so that I can able to attend my customer request and respond on time.
The project endeavors to improve the living style of electricity crisis communities by empowering them through the provision of affordable solar energy ovens and lights and equipping them with cooking skills with solar stoves in order to reduce their cooking costs, cooking time and save money from buying firewood and save the environment.
Dreaming to became any independent business women but still working together with communities to combat the desertification and encourage them to use a free energy.