Where did you hear about solar stoves?

A group of eleven (11) German women came to Namibia in August 1998 which was organized by Mr. Harald Schutt who was a volunteer of German Development Services (DED) at Valombola Vocational Training Centre in the North Central Region. Together with them we form 10 groups which stand in one Germany lady and a Namibian lady to build a one stove for each group.  After completing the stoves, we also learn how to cook with it.

Why did you decide to start a business with solar stoves?

Thank you for the question: It was the chance came to my way and I decided to take it up as it is.  Even though, that time I was job less.  After all I started to enjoy my work and feel gaining more confident when I am talk about it, building and the most when I am using it (cooking, baking and roasting)

Is there somebody or something that encouraged you to start with the project? (When? Please give dates).

Yes, in November 2001, Mr Rolf Behringer who came after Mr. Schutt who made everything possible for me. He observed my work and he was comfortable with my practical activities and by that time he find me a donor to flew me to South Africa to attend a world conference field testing result in South Africa and see how  other projecs in neighboring country doing.

After this conference, I have seen and learn a lot and I realize that I am not alone doing this and it is the right thing to do and believe in myself that I can do it.

Do you have a workshop/office of your own that you are operating from, what is your agreement?

Unfortunately, I did not own a workshop or office on my own.  COSDEF and COSDEC make it possible for me to be able to go on with my project, working in their workshop and operating from one incubator within COSDEF premises. I actually signing a one year contract and can be renewed according to my performances, means if my activities are not bringing the expected fruit they got right to stop my operation from their premises.  This is my second year here.  The agreement stated that I suppose to start paying at least 10% of my shop renting but, up to now I did not started yet.  I am worried if it is not going to be expensive for me later on.